You guide to the hottest acts at Groovin’ The Moo and Gum Ball

Have a Gum Ball or Groove in The Moo this weekend WIDE APPEAL: Legendary songwriter Paul Kelly is expected to attract fans young and old to Groovin’ The Moo on Saturday at Maitland Showground. Picture: Simone De Peak

Royal Blood

Confidence Man

The Amity Affliction


Ball Park Music

Portugal. The Man

The Aints



Terra Lightfoot

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GROOVIN’ THE MOOPaul Kelly – To Her DoorPaul Kelly The man needs no introduction. Kelly’s a national treasure and hisextensive back catalogue contains seminal n classics like To Her Door, Dumb Things, Before Too Long and How To Make Gravy.

Expect to see teenagers singing their lungs out arm-in-arm with their parents, such is the broad appeal of Kelly’s music. Unlike the bizarre recent resurgence inpopularity for Daryl Braithwaite and John Farnham among the youth, Kelly’s appeal isn’t ironic.

Royal Blood These English rockers are another band likely to thrill multiple demographics. The two-piece of bass and drums present a contemporary take on bombastic ’70s style arena rock like Queen and Led Zeppelin.

You don’t top the UK album charts with both your records if you can’t write a genuine tune. Frontman Mike Kerr’s virtuoso bass playing will likely leaveevery other four-stringer at Maitland Showground in theshade.Get your air guitar out and embrace your inner rock god.

Confidence Man This could possibly be the most unashamedly fun set ofGroovin’. Last week the Brisbane indie-electronic four-piece released their quirky debut album Confident Music For Confident Peopleand it’s full of festival bangers.

Even the most jaded music snobs would struggle to fall for the hypnotic charminthe bass line ofBoyfriend (Repeat) and Better Sit Down Boy. Confidence Man havedazzled Splendour In The Grass and Golden Plains, now it’s Groovin’s turn.

Portugal. The Man If you pay any attention tomodern music it’s been impossible to avoid Feel It Still. And why would you want to? The track is an wonderfully written piece of indie-pop.

Alaskan band Portugal. The Man have made the unbelievabletransition from a prog-rock underground band to pop stars with their eighth album Woodstock and it’s massive hit Feel It Still. Groovin’ The Moo presents a prime chance to see a band riding the crescendo of their popularity.

Portugal. The Man – Feel It StillAminé When you’ve racked up 210 million YouTube views, 300 million Spotify streams and 81 million Soundcloud plays you must have something.

The alternative USrapper released his debut album Good For You last year which spawned the monster hit Caroline and the hilarious Spice Girl, about wanting to date a member of the ’90s pop group. Aminé is coming off a performance at Coachella and has just dropped the hypnotic track Campfire, about his beloved red Mercedes. Just like Hansel inZoolander-Aminé, so hot right now.

GUM BALLThe Aints Make sure you pack the ear plugs for this one, it’s gonna get loud. Legendary Saints guitarist Ed Kuepper formed The Aints in the 1991 to take ownership back of his legendary ’70s punk band that had continued to operate under Chris Bailey’s guidance without him.

The Aints recorded their own new music, but this show will be all about celebrating The Saints’ legacy. Expect to hearthe sonic assault of tracks from their classic albums (I’m)Stranded (1977), Eternally Yours (1978) and Prehistoric Sounds (1978).

The Bamboos – Lit UpThe BamboosIf there was aquintessential n festival band than its The Bamboos. The Melbournecollective have been producing critically-acclaimed music for more than a decade melding rock, blues and roots, soul and funk in an intoxicating mix.

Their 2015 albumThe Rules Of Attraction with Tim Rogers was a masterpiece and reinvigorated the You Am I frontman’s career. Friday nightunder the stars will be electrifying when The Bamboos grace the stage.

Butterfingers There was a time in the mid-2000s when it felt like every festival booked Butterfingers. The Brisbane Aussie hip-hip innovators were all over radio with their humorous tracks FIGJAM, I Love Work and Everytime, but by 2008, with the group seemingly at their peak, theyseparated.

Last year Butterfingers announced their reunion and released new tracks Big Night Out and Bullet To The Head, whichsignalleda more rock direction. Friday’s headline slot will be their first Hunter show in more than a decade.

Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire – Fais FailliteLes Hôtesses d’Hilaire Without a doubt theseFrench-Canadian dudesare the strangest cats to appear at either festival this weekend.

Gum Ball organiser Matt Johnston discovered the psych-rock outfit at a Canadian music convention and was blown away by their colourful stage presence which includes charismaticbearded frontmanSerge Brideau, who has a love of outrageous outfits.

You mightn’t understandLes Hôtesses d’Hilaire’s (translation, The Hosts of Humour)French lyrics, but the music will leave you screaming “d’autre.”

The Cribs Headlining the international contingent at Gum Ball will be Wakefield’s finest. The English punk three-piece are one of the survivors of the fertile 2000s British indie scene that spawned The Libertines and The Kaiser Chiefs.

Unlike many of their contemporaries the band ofbrothers have never diverged from their DIY path. The Cribs’ seventh album 24-7 Rock Star Shit, released last year, was further evidence they remain a thinking-man’s Britrock band.

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